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Where voodoo is for real

Akodessewa Fetish market, Togo

Togo and Benin are two generally less known slices of land crammed between Ghana and Nigeria. So narrow are they in the south, that Togo is easily traversed in only one day, and Benin in two. A majority of the population here has animist beliefs;…

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Ivory Coast and Ghana

Oil palm plantation

Finally, after nearly 30,000 km’s, my beloved Brooks saddle fell apart. The nose broke off from the rest of the leather, so I was basically riding on two iron bars (in other words, not very comfortably). I did so for several days until I arrived…

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Smiling kids

The environment changed once again when I descended from the green mountains of the Kono District heading towards the border to Liberia. Dense tropical jungle surrounded the road on both sides as I cycled along the edge of the recently established Gola National Park. The…

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A round-trip through Sierra Leone

Momodu and me

Cycling out of Guinea was easier said than done. A drunk army guy stopped me and said that I had arrived to the border, although I knew I was still several kilometers away. He wanted to see my “ordre d’mission”, and luckily I had prepared…

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Pounding corn

Ten minutes after I had taken a canoe across the border between Guinea-Bissau and Guinea from Pitche to Foula-Mori, I became a millionaire. I changed 105.000 CFA and was now holding a bunch of 1.5 million Guinea Franc’s in my hand. But to put things…

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The typical West-African village

Village in Guinea

Let me try to describe a typical West-African village that I have seen so far on the trip, and how it’s like to cycle through it. The village consists of either round huts or rectangular houses covered with roofs made of either grass or corrugated…

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A laid-back country full of cashew trees

Crossing the Corubal River

Leaving little Gambia behind, I re-entered Senegal and cycled through the much greener region called Casamance. I had already arranged two visas in Gambia: Sierra Leone and Guinea. The visa to the next country Guinea-Bissau was quick and easy to get at the consulate in…

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The beginning of Sub-Saharan Africa

Curious kids

As soon as we crossed the border into Senegal and entered Sub-Saharan Africa, we noticed that things were different compared to the Arab countries in the north. All of a sudden we saw more women than men outside, and more smiling people wearing colorful clothes….

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