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Namibia Part 2: A road trip with mom

Me and mom

When I came to Namibia’s little capital Windhoek, I installed myself and my tent at The Cardboard Box, the first backpacker hostel I’ve come across on the whole trip. I enjoyed the atmosphere, although it was both noisy and dirty. One day, somebody tapped my…

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Namibia Part 1: Kaokoland and Damaraland

Marienfluss valley

I had only cycled a few hundred meters in Namibia when, to my surprise, I saw road signs aimed for tourists informing about restaurants and accommodation lying ahead. What a difference from all the previous countries, here it seemed to be organized! And right after…

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Olá Angola!

Mucubal woman balancing a kimbala

I got a warm welcoming once I crossed the border into Angola. Instead of asking me for money, the immigration staff gave me sardines and biscuits and said “Bem-vindo ao nosso país maravilhoso!” translating into “Welcome to our wonderful country!”. The kids were sympathetic too,…

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DRC Part 3: Back to Kinshasa

Thumbs up from the cockpit

It was both liberating and disappointing to start cycling again when I left Monkoto. I had been hoping to catch a boat downstream, but after more than a week of waiting I gave up and started pedalling, even though I still felt weak. I got…

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DRC Part 1: A remarkable country

Merchandise on a bicycle

There is no other country which map I have stared at for so long, no other country which geography I have studied with such an excitement, curiosity and feeling for adventure, as the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), also called Congo-Kinshasa. Almost the size…

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Primus beer - popular in the Congos

I travelled down the Sangha River in a motorized pirogue together with men from the Tri-Nacional, a collaborative unit that Cameroon, CAR and Congo-Brazzaville jointly have established in order to prevent poaching and secure conservation in the region. It was a peaceful ride that gave…

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A short visit to Central African Republic

About to go hunting

Although the situation in Central African Republic (CAR) had calmed down a little bit when I was around, attacks and massacres still continued, especially in the north. Ceasefire talks between the ex-Séléka rebels and the anti-Balaka fighters had recently been held but the final agreement…

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Cameroon – a diverse country

Eastern Cameroon

As soon as I stepped onto Cameroonian land, I could sense a change in the atmosphere, and I knew that it was good. Thanks to my countrymen in ABBA, my exit from Nigeria went smooth because the immigration officer was a big fan of them….

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