Welcome to my blog! This is a story
about cycling from Sweden to (South) Africa.

The trip

Ever since I came back from my last cycling trip through South America, I felt that I wanted to do another trip. I remember that both Asia (Himalaya) and Africa was on my mind at that time. But it wasn’t until about a year ago that I really decided to go for Africa.

I’ve never been to Africa, but I feel very intrigued by it. It’s everything, from its shape and geography, to its nature and wildlife, rich culture and brutal history. The idea of starting in my hometown only makes it more exciting!

Travelling on a bicycle is the ultimate way to explore the world and it gives you a great sense of freedom. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want. You don’t have to follow any schedules, and there are no fixed routes. The speed is pleasant, not too slow and not too fast, but just enough to absorb all impressions and noticing all details, as well as being able to cover rather long distances. In addition, it becomes much easier to stop and chat with people along the road. Another cool thing is that you get to experience changes in culture, climate, season, topography, flora and fauna, with your legs being the only supporting force!

You will find a description of the preliminary route here.