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Rozemarijn climbing the tower

Lekker is a very common Dutch expression used to comment on something that is “nice”, and that’s really what cycling through Holland has been! Holland is probably the world’s most bicycle friendly country. It’s perfectly flat and the bike path/lane surface quality is great and…

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Auf Wiedersehen Germany

Camping in front of a nuclear power plant

I ended up resting 1 week before crossing the border to Germany. I spent my time in the corn fields searching for more old artifacts and found some more arrow heads, and then something that I think is a button. If anyone knows anyone who’s…

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Visiting friends in Denmark

Susana and Anselm and their cat

On the fourth day I left my mother country behind and took the train over the long Øresund Bridge to Denmark and its bicycle friendly capital Copenhagen. Here, I met up with my colleagues from Capgemini Gothenburg and members from my last project. We took…

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The start of the journey

Goodbye photo

When I was about to leave my hometown of Gothenburg, I was moved by the number of friends that had come to say goodbye. Again, thank you all for coming! Some people joined me a short bit but Affe didn’t turn back until we almost…

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Sponsored by Royal Streaming

iPod Nano à la Royal Streaming

My friend Gustav J. Nordlindh and his company Royal Streaming has been very kind and given me an iPod Nano (PRODUCT) RED! What’s good about choosing this particular color is that Apple gives a portion of the price to help providing lifesaving treatments for people…

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Join me and say goodbye!


I will begin my journey on Sunday the 23rd of June, leaving at 10 am from Gustav Adolfs torg in Gothenburg. You are all most welcome to come and say goodbye. If you have a bike and feel like joining for a bit and then…

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The yellow bike

Thorn Nomad Mk2

Just like in the Pan-African colors and the way I’ve plotted the route in the logo, my partner on this trip is yellow. Let me introduce her: I’m fortunate to live next to a great local bike shop called Veloform, where Anders Jansson has helped…

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First a look backwards…

Eduardo Avaroa Reserve, Southern Bolivia

This photo was taken in Bolivia back in 2010, when I made on a journey across South America by bike. Something happened to me during that trip. I remember all the mixed emotions running around in my head that day in Colombia, when I pedaled…

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