Welcome to my blog! This is a story
about cycling from Sweden to (South) Africa.


The plan is to cycle from my hometown Gothenburg in Sweden to Cape Town in South Africa.

First, I will cycle through Europe via Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris, Lyon and Barcelona, catching up with friends and relatives along the way. I’m also planning to stop here and there for rock climbing. Then continue along the east coast of Spain and finally take the ferry over to Africa at the Strait of Gibraltar.

In Morocco, I plan to cycle up into the beautiful Atlas mountains. Then head out west, following the Atlantic coast through Western Sahara. There’s a lot of good kite surfing in this area, especially known for this is Dakhla, where I’m planning a longer stop.

After this, the plan is to continue following the coast through West Africa. In Sierra Leone I will visit my sponsor child Momodu! Then continue east all the way to Cameroon. After this, I want to head into the continent a bit more, so Central African Republic is up next.

I’ve heard many stories about the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), that was previously known as Zaire. People who have travelled and cycled here say that it’s a real adventure, although very hard since infrastructure is almost nonexistent. But I do feel drawn to this vast and mythical country, that is the size of Western Europe (!). DRC is at the heart of tropical Africa, so if I get there during the rainy season I will probably have to travel on the rivers instead. We’ll see, but right now the plan is to cross the country somehow.

After DRC, I will continue south through Angola and Namibia where I’ve heard the nature is stunning with many national parks and some tribes people living.

Then, I’m not sure how I will cycle. I’d love to see the Okavango Delta and Kalahari Desert in Botswana, because of the chances to spot the big animals there. But let’s see.

In South Africa, I’m planning a longer stop in Rocklands, a place famous for rock climbing and bouldering. Finally, the trip will end in Cape Town!