Welcome to my blog! This is a story
about cycling from Sweden to (South) Africa.

First a look backwards…

Eduardo Avaroa Reserve, Southern Bolivia

This photo was taken in Bolivia back in 2010, when I made a journey across South America by bike. Something happened to me during that trip. I remember all the mixed emotions running around in my head that day in Colombia, when I pedaled the very last stretch and ending a 1-year long trip. What will it be like to come back home? Will I ever do this again? What would be the next destination?

Ever since I came back, I’ve been thinking about when and where to go next. Now, after 2.5 years, I have decided to go cycling again, this time from Sweden to (and through) Africa, and this is exactly what this blog is all about!

You can read more about the preliminary route here.

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  1. Snorr

    Riiiktigt galet calle! Spännande att det äntligen ska bli av. Vi får ta en Stickeystorsdag innan du försvinner ;)

  2. Irene Nilsson

    Ha en trevlig cykelresa! Det låter ju väldigt spännande. Önskar jag kunde göra en liknande sak.

  3. NollKIT

    Lycka till på resan över kontinenterna!
    Vi ser fram emot att höra om berättelserna på ohmsittsarna när du kommit hem igen

    NollKIT – kärlek <3
    Dina sittande efterföljare´13