Welcome to my blog! This is a story
about cycling from Sweden to (South) Africa.

Merry Christmas!

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas from the south of Morocco!

Below is a short video. The mountains in the background mark the end of the Anti-Atlas mountain range and the beginning of the Sahara desert. The town from where I am posting this is called Guelmim and is nicknamed “Gateway to the Desert”. From here, over 2,000 km’s of pure desert through Western Sahara and Mauretania is waiting for me, until I reach greener land in Senegal!

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  1. Ulla Claesson

    Tack för att vi får följa dig på din fantastiska resa!
    Lycka till i fortsättningen! Ulla (kompis till mamma)

  2. Rune Karlsson

    Din fanclub här i Agadir som såg dig försvinna söderut tackar för ditt flöjtspel och slängkyssar. Vi följer dig på vida färden.

  3. Per-Inge Björn

    Följer dig även på denna cykeltur, du är fantastisk…men skägget!! Gott slut på -13
    Gott Nytt År!
    Per-Inge Björn Mariefred

  4. Gös-Gubben Tommy

    NUUUUUUUU vet jag – Tomten bor vid Saharas rand och inte vid Nordpolen!!!!
    Gott och spännande 2014 till dig!

  5. Javi

    Hi Carl. I am one of the 7 people from Spain with which you spent New Year’s Eve.
    I expect you didn’t have so many problems to get along on your bike as we did. We had the police always on our back (tracing us in a car) up to Tarfaya and did not even let us camp where we wanted. It was really annoying.
    We met some other people who was going south as well and you may have cycled with them.
    I hope you get on well.