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What Tent To Choose?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what tent to choose. I’ve decided to go for Hilleberg, a Swedish high-quality tentmaker, but there are two really good ones and I have to choose one.

Weight, Packed Size, Inner Length and Price are almost identical with these two tents.

Here are the other specifications:

Nallo 2

Inner Width: 130 cm
Inner Height: 100 cm
Abside: 115 cm
(requires pegs)

Hilleberg Nallo 2


Inner Width: 105 cm
Inner Height: 95 cm
Abside: 60 cm
(doesn’t require pegs)

Hilleberg Soulo

The major benefit with Nallo 2 is that you get more space, since it’s made for 2 persons. On the downside, it needs pegs in order to stand at all. Soulo on the other hand is free standing, but not as spacious, especially not in the abside. The tunnel design of Nallo 2 makes it more robust to the high winds I will encounter in Patagonia. Both tents come in discrete green and bright red, and I’ll definitely go for the green in order to expose myself less while camping.