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Tierra Del Fuego

From Rio Grande, I crossed Tierra Del Fuego together with the German couple and Lasse. We made it all the way to Chile and Porvenir without the 100 km/h winds that we had been told often rolled over this flat route. Thanks God!

Tree shaped by the wind

We spent the first night camping next to the border. Second one at an estancia where we were invited to sleep in the worker’s house. We also got a guiding on the place’s wool production and got to taste a 3 year old jamón. It was a bit dry, but still good!

Sheep going to the hairdresser

The Black Sheep

The third day we crossed a military fence (!) at the shore of Strait of Magellan and put up the tents in a gravel bunker. That’s what I call stealth camping! The sunset was gorgeous!

Sunset at Strait of Magellan

It feels great to have company when cycling, and we often form a kind of “wind shadow” like they do in competitions, just like birds. That makes it a lot easier to deal with the winds. Lasse has proved to be very strong even though he carries a big load, but tomorrow we will split for some days. I’ll leave with Anna & Peter towards Puerto Natales (240 km), where we will spend Christmas before going trekking in the national park Torres Del Paine.

We have very fun together! Here, Lasse is packing while I’m hanging in the tree and Anna tries to hit me with a penguin’s head. Haha :-)

Lasse packing, Anna playing with a penguin's head and me hanging

Anna & Peter

Today, we went shopping food for the next 5 days on the road and bought way too much. But whatever, it’s Christmas time and we are going to be worth it. Wine (fits perfectly on the frame), cheese, sausages – yummy! Not to forget the fishing, I got some hot tips in Punta Arenas for the upcoming days…

Fishing in Rio Grande

Hope everything is good with you!