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The End Of The World – The Beginning Of My Journey

I am right now in Ushuaia – a city also known as “El fin del Mundo”, or “The end of the World”. This is the southernmost city of the world, and it’s only 1000 km away from Antarctica. The scenery here is gorgeous, with snow-capped mountains and the Beagle channel surrounding the city. Right now it is spring and the days are quite chilly, around 5-10 degrees. The wind has so far been “medium”, but I guess this is nothing compared to what I will encounter on the other side of the Andes when the flat part of Patagonia begins. At least I have learned that the weather can change in an matter of minutes.

Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel


The transport of the bike went alright, even though the box looked quite bad. Luckily, I had put some hard pieces of wood around the wheels so nothing was skew! I went on a trip the first day (without bags), and it felt wonderful! What a freedom! Following a winding road, I finally ended up at a glacier called Glaciar Martial. It didn’t really look like a glacier, but there was a lot of snow for sure! The animals here are not afraid of getting close, which means loads of possibilities for the camera to do it’s job! I saw three eagles on my way up the mountain, and it seeems to be a wide variety of birds in general.

Unboxing in Ushuaia

Biking to Glaciar Martial

Glaciar Martial

Talking about animals, I’ve already encountered an apparently serious business of this kind of trip – dogs. There are dogs everywhere in this city, and on my through a rural part I was “attacked” by two at the same time. I made the mistake to kick at one of them but that only turned him on. Luckily, it was downhill… I’ve now mounted the pepper spray that I bought in Buenos Aires ready to use on the handlebar , so the next time they will definitely learn a lesson!

Sea gulls

Today I bought a pair of trekking shoes and fishing gear. I was also able to get a fishing license for all of Patagonia for 350 pesos, around 65 euros. My food supplies have been stocked up with some meals and the stove bottle filled with gasoline. I will start pedalling tomorrow so that will be my first expedition day, and many guys from the hostel will wave me off!

South America – here I come!