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Sponsors mean a lot to me, especially since I just finished my studies. Do you think that this trip seems interesting and want to support me economically or with equipment? – Send me an e-mail, I am truly grateful for your support!

E-mail: carldavid.granback@gmail.com

The following companies have chosen to support this trip:


Connectel is an Uppsala-based data and telecommunications company that provides products and services for streamlining networks and business-critical communication. I’ve had the opportunity to work with them and can truly recommend their expertise! Connectel will make sure that my days in the saddle will be more entertaining by providing an iPod, BIG thanks!


Craft is a leading provider of synthetic underwear for sweaty activities. No need to worry about getting soaked up, thanks a lot for your support!


GetOut, one of Sweden’s biggest online outdoor shops, has given me a warm wool base layer and a generous discount on lots of other products. Not only do they have a wide range of branded outdoor equipment, but also awesome prices! Check out their stuff to get some inspiration!


Gymgrossisten sponsors me with nutritional supplements before and during this physically challenging trip. Their catalog contains northern Europe’s most popular protein and gainer supplements. These are great for the physical preparation and I will also bring vitamins & minerals, which are very important when being in remote areas without access to a varied diet.

Resecentrum Vaccinationer

Resecentrum Vaccinationer provides me with the necessary vaccines needed for the trip. Thanks to them, rabies dogs can look for someone else to bite, ha!

Scandinavian Photo

Scandinavian Photo sponsors me the ingenious monkey- and anaconda inspired camera tripod Gorillapod, which has flexible joints that allows it to be attached to almost anything. Scandinavian Photo are very knowledgeable in camera related questions, highly recommended!


Skeppshult has been manufacturing bicycles in the town with the same name since 1920. They are renowned for their high quality and good design, and has even received the prestigious award of Swedish Design Excellence. Skeppshult will make my journey comfortable by supporting me with a genuine Brooks leather saddle. Thanks a lot!


Sportson consists of several bicycle shops and was founded in my hometown Gothenburg. The competent staff at Vasagatan were very kind and gave me discount on some equipment including the SPD shoes. Thanks!


Spreadshirt gave me discount on the expedition t-shirt. Their website features an interactive designer where you can design your own t-shirts!

Åby Cykel & Motor

Åby Cykel & Motor is one of Sweden’s few resellers of Koga-Miyata touring bikes. This family-run company does not only give me discount on tools and spare parts, but the friendly staff also showed me how to fix every possible breakdown that might occur along the road.


4Sevens from the US has the latest in cutting-edge flashlight technology at affordable prices. They gave me discount on one of their high-tech LEDs that will illuminate many nights for me.

I’d also like to send a big thanks to the WordPress community for providing such an awesome open-source blog and CMS platform.

~ K33p up th3 g00d w0rk guys! ~