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Here is a collection of websites from others who have made similar trips, and links about bicycle touring in general.

Friends From The Road

  • www.remilafreniere.com – Rémi, Canada. We met close to Trujillo. This guy is cycling from Alaska to Ushuaia and then back up again along the east coast visiting all countries in the Americas (65,000 km) in ONE year. 200 km daily average with a loaded bike…!
  • biciwink.blogspot.com – Carlos & Sonia, Spain. We met for the first time in Salta, Argentina.
  • pikesonbikes.blogspot.com – Neil & Harriet, England. We’ve kept on bumping into each other along the way!
  • www.stormkorp.se – Janne Corax, Sweden. Perhaps Sweden’s most famous touring cyclist and mountaineer. We met in Rodeo and went climbing at Paso de Agua Negra.
  • munduanbarrena.blogspot.com – Lorenzo, Basque Country. This guy has been cycling for 13 years with only two 6 month breaks! Unfortunately I could only join him from Chos Malal to an intersection 8 km later.
  • www.ridingthespine.com – Goat, USA. We met at Bike Hostel in San Martin de los Andes, Argentina. He and his friends went from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in 3.5 years, on the smallest roads/paths they could find. They even kayaked from Panama to Colombia. Goat has a custom longtail bicycle with motorbike-wide tires to be able to deal with sand, snow and mud, and he always rides barefoot. Very interesting guy!
  • www.panamericanpeaks.com – Thomas, Austria. Riding the Panamerican Highway and climbing the highest mountain in each country along the way (in 1 year, and on a recumbent + trailer). Also raising funds for Doctors Without Borders!
  • jenzobean.blogspot.com – Jenny & Jason, England. Started on Carretera Austral together. Later on, me and Jenny cycled from Salta to Bolivia and climbed the highest mountain Sajama!
  • www.panamerikana.org – Juan, Spain. Puerto Natales to El Chaltén.
  • www.worldbybike.de – Anna & Peter, Germany. Rio Grande to Puerto Natales + a reunion in Bariloche.
  • www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/globomio – Christian, Switzerland. First cyclist I met, and moreover coming from Alaska.

Other Interesting Meetings

  • www.hapworkingtheworld.com – Hap, a NZ guy with the goal to live and work in every continent of the world before 30. He waved me off while looking for a job in Antarctica when I started in Ushuaia, and is going to do a bicycle expedition in Africa in 2011. Check out his cool website!
  • www.zuidkaper.nl – Maria and Jos, a friendly dutch couple earlier travelling by bike, now with a modified 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser (70 Series). Really cool vehicle that had crossed Sahara several times!
  • www.climbacadia.com – Eli, a climber from Maine (US), who runs a climbing school and has climbed several summits in South America and elsewhere, including Fitz Roy. Inspiring guy!

Other Bicycle Trips

  • www.worldtravellers.dk – Nicolai, Denmark. His stories and photos from a 4-year world trip gave me a lot of inspiration for my own trip.
  • www.thebigafricacycle.com – Peter Gostelow, England. Nice photos from Africa and a previous trip through Asia! Giving me itchy feet :-)
  • Heinz Stücke, Germany. This guy is touring cyclist legend. He has been cycling for almost 50 years and also stayed at Casa de Ciclistas in Trujillo in Peru, 2 years before I was there.
  • www.transamazon.de/links – Tons of links to touring trips in South America.
  • www.crazyguyonabike.com – A collection of bicycle tourists and their journals.


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