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¡Bienvenidos A Buenos Aires!

First, here’s how a very happy man just about to leave on a great adventure looks like:

A happy man, just about to leave

PS. Four people from the airport staff in Gothenburg had been staring at me when I was taping the box like loco. Just after the photo was taken, they said that I had to cut it open since it didn’t fit in the x-ray machine. Nice.

Anyway, the flights went alright, and I am now in ARGENTINA! I spent the days in Buenos Aires to eat a lot of good food and make some final purchases. I stayed with a group of very friendly Colombian students at Plaza Italia in Palermo, and they might even have changed my mind concerning the route…we’ll see about that :-)

Juan, one of the Colombians, played cello in a tango band and we were invited to go to their concert which was very good! The last night, Laura, her friend Pocho and me went to a restaurant called La Cabrera, that a friend of mine had recommended. I can just continue to pass the word on – the meat was delicioso! We had 0.5 kg’s of Argentinian Kobe beef (contains very little fat, and the cattle are believed to even get massage!) and a thick, red and juicy Bife de Chorizo. To that, a glass of Santa Julia-malbec from Mendoza and a Lemon and Champagne Sorbet for dessert. Exactly what I had been waiting for…yummy!

Finally, this is what I had been waiting for...

Kobe Beef and Bife de Chorizo