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All Geared Up – Ready To Go!

Dear readers, prepare to soon savor some REAL content on this blog, it’s only 3 days left until me and my bike are off to Argentina! The weather forecast for Buenos Aires says sun, clear sky and 29 lovely degrees. Beat that, Sweden!

The time has really caught up on me lately, but everything is basically arranged now! All equipment has been purchased (here, a BIG WARM THANK YOU to all my sponsors is needed!), the bike has been pimped, I have learned how to fix every thinkable problem with it, and accommodation in B.A. has been arranged at a friend’s friend’s place. For those that I haven’t managed to say goodbye to, let’s have a blast when (if) I get back instead. Today, the guys took me to a SPA, which was definitely on a good timing. Now I’m feeling more prepared than ever ;-)

Here’s the compulsory photo of all the equipment lined up on my bed:


… and here it is packed in the Vaude bags (not that much, right?!):


Finally, here she is, with all the bags attached! I’ve currently put the tent inside the dry bag and on the parcel carrier: