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The Trip

The purpose of this trip is multifaceted, even though I simply do it because I can, because I have the opportunity and because I think it’s a great challenge! But of course there’s more to it…

Our planet is an amazing place! There is a lot of beautiful nature and interesting cultures to experience. In comparison to the size of Earth, and everything there is to see, a lifetime is actually quite short, and that’s why I want to travel and explore places and cultures when I have the opportunity to do it. By covering such a long distance, I also hope to inspire others to cycle more in general, and promote cycling as an alternative and eco-friendly means of transport.

Why have I chosen South America? I went backpacking there with two childhood friends for 5 months in 2006, and I returned home with a lot of wonderful impressions, feeling that I wanted to go back someday. South America has plenty of different climate zones and habitats, everything ranging from glaciers to deserts and rain forests. It also hosts: the world’s longest mountain range, the world’s largest rain forest, the world’s driest desert, the world’s largest river, the world’s tallest waterfall – well, the list is long of South America’s impressive nature. Furthermore, I think it’s great fun with languages, and the benefit of South America is that you more or less can get along with only one – Spanish!

Why did I decide to cycle across the continent? It started when I heard about a guy who was going to cycle around the world when he finished studying. The idea struck me that I could cycle around in South America instead of the usual bus transports when backpacking. I began to search for information about touring cycling and immediately found plenty of blogs, some of who even had cycled the same route, and this gave me a lot of inspiration! Only a few weeks later, this inspiration made me purchase a bicycle and suddenly the initial idea had taken a great leap forward.

To travel by bicycle means a great sense of freedom. You don’t have to follow any schedules, and there are no fixed routes. The speed is pleasant, not too slow and not too fast, but just enough to absorb all impressions and noticing details, as well as being able to cover rather long distances. In addition, it becomes much easier to stop and chat with people along the road, and it is this kind of meetings that often create the best memories!

You will find a description of the preliminary route here.